To eat or not to eat

We all start new workout routines with hopes that they will drastically help us get fit. We huff and puff throughout our sets and somehow complete our workout whilst being breathless. We pat ourselves on the back for trudging through the week but when we stand on the scales to check our weight, we are met with disappointment. While searching for an explanation as to why the needle didn't go lower, flashes of ghee rice, parotta and gulab jamun that we had through the week waltz through our mind and you eventually realise, "Aah, that's the reason why".

It took many trial and error days to help me understand that working out by breaking a sweat alone will not help me achieve my fitness goals. Rather, it requires awareness of what we are eating to help us make a productive change in our everyday lifestyle. Even if you want to act according to this awareness by being cautious of what you eat, being born in an Indian household does not allow you to, no matter how much you try.

Cutting down on rice is a herculean task because not eating it as part of your lunch is considered to be blasphemous. Add other carbs to the list and your calorie intake only becomes higher by the day. The concept of eating fewer calories than the amount you burn falls on deaf ears when the people around you force you to eat until you are unable to move.

More calorie intake is one of the main reasons why many people are not able to reach their fitness goals. When we do not find any changes, we are put off by the idea of working out also. Sometimes we even stop working out until we become guilty of ourselves and when we resume our workouts, we are trapped in this vicious cycle of eating more food and on and on it goes.

With fitness forward conversations that are now happening in our societies emphasising healthy eating, we can hope there will be positive changes in our households too. Awareness is key in letting people know about such disciplines in eating and working out to achieve our goals. Hopefully, through our perseverance, we can see healthy lifestyle practices among us.

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