Maintaining Weight

By Dr Shraddha Kale

Covid times have taught us the importance of good health and made us aware of a few things. We came to know that persons with co-morbidities are more at risk of contracting the virus. We also realised that people can have co-morbidities irrespective of age. We worried and prayed when someone we knew tested positive. Health became the top priority for everyone. Healthy food habits, exercise, meditation became the norm.

Doing something daily requires discipline and motivation. Not everybody could stick to the exercise and meditation part. Even the healthy diet part started having cheat days. But it had become obvious that a healthy body mattered above everything. And we kept at it with fasting by skipping meals, though no expert had recommended skipping the meal part. It was our very own innovation. The result was immediate. Weight loss. Everybody started remarking and congratulating on our weight loss. With weight loss, our spirits soured. Our facial features became pronounced. And we could fit in our old denims. Some of us even bought a new wardrobe. Some of us became an inspiration for our friends, neighbours and relatives.

The basal metabolic rate (BMR) for each person is different. And the skipping meal part started affecting our health. There were moments when everything became dark when we turned to get the towel in the shower. Temper tantrums were becoming common. Haemoglobin levels were 7 or 8 despite of taking vitamin supplements. A bowl of oats with dry fruits daily for breakfast helped many in raising haemoglobin level above 11.

Having dinner is of paramount importance for sound sleep at night. If one skips dinner for a couple of times then waking in the middle of night between 1 and 4 and not being able to sleep till the soft morning breeze of dawn lulls one back is common. A good night sleep is important for good health.

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