Weight loss is Overrated, Help out in the kitchen!

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Weight is just one of the indicators of health and often is the benchmark to judge you healthy. Just because it is the easiest parameter to measure doesn't make it most important. What about gut health? have you ever tried measuring that? Probably not. Well I don't blame you, neither have I.

When it comes to weight loss my advice is simple, eat a well balanced meal with a diverse source of nutrients, preferably from whole ingredients the same applies to building immunity. Everything is connected and related you cannot expect to be healthy by doing things in isolation, just popping a turmeric pill everyday in the morning doesn't work, you need to eat right, exercise right and manage stress well. It all works in sync, good health and bad health.

So what do we do? To start out, learn how to cook, basic culinary skills is mandatory to lead a healthy lifestyle. When you take interest in cooking, you will take interest in the kitchen and grocery shopping, which creates the right environment to lead a healthy lifestyle. So take a little interest, help around in the kitchen it is not only a fulfilling experience but also a healthy one.

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