Fermented Rice - Gut Health

Prep Time:

5 Minutes

Cook Time:





About the Recipe

The simple process of fermentation increases the availability of several nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. Its iron content increases 21 times as compared to regular cooked rice. And increases the concentration of rare vitamin B12 multi folds.

This has to be the easiest recipe ever.


1 cup Leftover Cooked Rice 

1 cup water.

For Tadka

1 Tbsp  cold-pressed Mustard Oil

1/2 TSP Urad dal 

1 TSP grated ginger 

1 TSP green chilly (as per taste)

1 Tbsp curry leaves

Season with salt 

Dash of Raw Honey

Dash lemon juice

Garnish with chopped onions or shallots


  • Soak leftover cooked rice in water in a bowl and leave it to ferment overnight (8-10 hrs)

  • Make a tadka in mustard oil with Urad dal, grated ginger, green chilly and curry leaves and simply pour over the fermented rice bowl.

  • Season with salt, honey and lemon juice.

  • Serve at room temprature. 

  • Garnish with choppen onions or shallots.

  • Makes for an excellent Pre-Breakfast dish